Protecting our patients and employees

We are committed to keeping our patients, our staff and our community healthy. To meet this challenge we have created layers of protection for everyone in our hospitals.

Recent updates include:

  • Our employees are required to self-assess before they come to work, and stay home if they have a fever or other symptoms.
  • Everyone – employees and physicians included – will have their temperatures taken before entering the hospital and may not enter if they have a fever.
  • Employees who feel ill during the day are to contact Employee Health immediately, and are sent home to self-quarantine.
  • Outside our hospitals, tents have been set up to screen and isolate patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If patients appear to have contracted the virus and require hospitalization, they are transported in the safest possible way to an isolation room.
  • COVID-19 patients and those awaiting test results are cared for in separate areas of the hospital and away from the general patient population.
  • Care team members providing direct patient care to COVID-19 patients wear personal protective wear to protect themselves and others.
  • We have a temporary no-visitor policy.
  • We have implemented measures that ensure we meet social distancing directives.

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