Know how to respond in an emergency: Workplace safety resources for clinicians

PROVIDENCE OREGON – As we work to reinforce workplace safety training at Providence, we are placing reminders of key practices to help prevent violence in health care settings. This week, learn about responding in an emergency.  

Emergency response support

In the hospital: All Providence Oregon hospitals are supported by code gray emergency response teams. Anyone can call a code gray to request emergency assistance with a patient or visitor who is displaying assaultive behavior.

  • Dial x88 to request an overhead page for code gray.

To request pre-code gray support for de-escalating difficult behaviors, hospital-based care teams may call the security switchboard:

  • Call 503-215-7777 (x57777).

In the clinic: Clinicians practicing in settings outside a hospital campus can request emergency support from local law enforcement in one of two ways:

  • Call 9-911.
  • Use the clinic’s panic button, if available.

To request security back-up for a scheduled patient interaction, contact Providence security dispatch on the non-emergency line:

  • Call 503-215-6548.

Also from this series

Watch for more on this topic in future weeks, when we’ll review strategies for contacting emergency response teams and reporting violent incidents.

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