Communicating risk for violence: Workplace safety resources for clinicians

PROVIDENCE OREGON – As we work to reinforce workplace safety training at Providence, we are placing reminders of key practices to help prevent violence in health care settings. This week, learn about communicating risk for violence.

Communicate about violence risks

Patient violence prevention requires aligned and consistent communication among the whole care team. Use these strategies to promote clear communication.

Look for the Epic risk for violence flag in charts of patients who pose a significant risk.

  • Review the job aid to learn how to use and interpret these flags.
  • If you believe a patient poses a risk for violence, please talk with a nurse manager or house supervisor about adding a risk for violence flag to the chart.

Ask about violence risk at patient handovers:

  • Is there a known risk? What type?
  • What are the triggers for dangerous behavior? What are warning signs?
  • What are some strategies for caring for the patient safely?
  • How can I get help if I need it?

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Watch for more on this topic in future weeks, when we’ll review strategies for contacting emergency response teams and reporting violent incidents.

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