The Oregon Clinic moves to Providence instance of Epic

The Oregon Clinic moved to Epic on June 10. Ahead of the change, we asked how the new platform would benefit patients and clinicians. 

Gastroenterologist Michael Phillips, M.D., sees clear advantages for his practice and patients with The Oregon Clinic’s move to Epic.

“For physicians, I think we’re really looking forward to the easier, expanded access to patient information,” says Dr. Phillips. “Simplified access to Epic chart notes, with test results and imaging at my fingertips will be incredibly helpful during patient visits and communicating with referring physicians on Epic. We will be able to quickly and more easily see what tests other physicians have already ordered for a patient, and access those results immediately.”

While it increases efficiencies for clinicians, Epic also will simplify access to health records for patients, and improve continuity of care for patients and communication between physicians. Patients who work with multiple physicians will have the comfort of knowing that other providers have easy access to their full medical chart and information.

“Patients are always asking, ‘Will your notes be in MyChart?’ and now I can thankfully, inform them ‘Yes!’ Dr. Phillips says. “They’ll be able to access their results from The Oregon Clinic, along with their other providers on Epic all in one place.” 

Dr. Phillips also noted the advantages of a quicker e-check-in for patients, and more seamless telehealth visits. “The telehealth visit links will be integrated into MyChart appointment reminders, which should make it easier for patients to find exactly what they need to log on for those visits.”

The Oregon Clinic is independent specialty medical and surgical group that provides specialty care for patients referred from Providence, as well as other health care systems and medical groups.

“As one of the largest specialty medical groups in Oregon, it is important that our care seamlessly integrates with our primary care and hospital partners,” says Tom Sanchez, CEO of The Oregon Clinic. “Collaborations like this give us the best tools to serve our patients and better the health of our community.”

Providence is facilitating The Oregon Clinic’s Epic transition through our community technologies program. It extends Providence’s Epic instance in an affordable manner to community hospitals, private specialty physician practices and other caregiver organizations who benefit from access to a consistent set of patient data.

“This transition is a transformative step forward for our patients, our clinics, and the communities we serve,” says Stephen Girolami, M.D., executive director of medical clinical informatics for Providence Community Technologies.

“The benefit of a truly unified and integrated electronic medical record will continue to enhance communications with patients, caregivers and health care facilities to improve quality and accessibility, and foster health equity for our patients. We truly value our ongoing relationship with the Oregon Clinic.”

Referral change for Providence clinicians

This move will change The Oregon Clinic physicians from “external referral” to an “internal referral.” Starting June 10, referring physicians will need to update their favorites list for The Oregon Clinic clinicians to ensure that all referrals go to the correct place.”

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