In support of our doctors

Elizabeth Ransom, M.D., FACS
Chief Medical Officer
Providence Central Division

Last week’s celebration of Doctors’ Day reminded me how grateful I am to be working with so many highly skilled, dedicated medical staff members – more than 3,900 in Oregon. Every day, I see your commitment to caring for our patients, even in the most trying of circumstances, while supporting each other and all who work at Providence.

In recognition of the pressing need to support our clinicians both mentally and emotionally, this Doctors’ Day we are proud to contribute to supporting physician wellness and suicide prevention efforts. This donation represents not just a financial commitment, but a pledge to stand in solidarity with our doctors, acknowledging their sacrifices and the often-unseen struggles they face.

This donation is made in memory of those we have lost and in honor of the tireless dedication of physicians everywhere. It is a call to action for further support, awareness and commitment to the well-being of those who give so much of themselves to care for others.


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