Annual workplace safety (HazCom) training opens March 25 in Qstream

March 21, 2024 Providence News Team

Look for an email on Monday, March 25 with immediate actions and guidance.

PROVIDENCE FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS — The HazCom training for 2024 will open on Monday, March 25 with an email from the Caregiver Learning Team and the first set of questions. This education is being assigned to non-employed providers as well as Providence employees, with more information below.

Deadline to complete the training is Monday, May 27.

Non-employed providers

This Qstream education is also being assigned to non-employed providers to standardize and streamline the training process. You can earn .25 CMEs by completing the upcoming 18-question HazCom Qstream.  See details below.

Why this matters

Every year, caregivers from Providence and its family of organizations must refresh our knowledge of workplace safety and complete the HazCom education. This is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What’s next

To complete the HazCom education in Qstream, you will receive an email every other day, beginning March 25.

You will receive 18 HazCom-related questions. Questions may be answered a few at a time or all at once. If you choose to answer all questions in one sitting, it should take 15-20 minutes total.

Please open the email as soon as possible, as it will include a link to access your first set of questions. You should complete the entire education by Monday, May 27.

Please look for an email on March 25 with the sender details below or you can also access your Qstream dashboard:

  • Sender: Caregiver Learning Team (
  • Subject line: Caregiver Learning Welcomes You to Annual HazCom Education
    1. NOTE: These emails may end up in the “Junk Mail” or in the “Other” tab. Please make sure to look in these spots for emails from

As a reminder, Qstream uses a reverse learning method by posing a question first and then providing the supporting content AFTER the question has been answered.

There will be NO PENALTIES for incorrect answers and multiple opportunities (3) are provided to answer a question correctly.

Please note: If a question is answered incorrectly, Qstream will re-deliver the question. You will not get that specific question again for four days. We will not be able to release an incorrectly answered question any earlier than the four days, even if it pushes education completion past the due date of May 27. Workforce members have three (3) separate attempts to answer a question correctly. On the third attempt, if still incorrect, the question will retire. Training will be complete when all questions are answered correctly or retired.


Please note: You must answer education questions in Qstream during regularly scheduled work time. You will be asked to check an attestation at the beginning of the Qstream education that confirms knowledge and acceptance of the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use: If you are using Qstream to complete employer required education, you acknowledge and agree that the time spent learning is paid work time and should be completed during your scheduled work time. If you are an hourly caregiver and want to use Qstream during nonscheduled work time on your personal device (i.e., mobile smartphone, tablet, or computer), you must obtain prior approval from your manager and log the time on Kronos for appropriate payment.

If you are having trouble finding this email or have questions about Qstream, please refer to the dedicated page on Degreed. If you haven’t yet, set up your Degreed account today.

If you would rather complete the training without setting up an account, you can access Qstream and the HazCom training by going directly online and following these instructions. If you use this option, please save a copy of your Certificate of Completion as the internal Providence Qstream and the online version do not communicate.

If you are experiencing technical issues, please call Information Services at 844-922-7548.

Other required education coming up

HazCom is the first required education of 2024. Compliance and Annual Regulatory Review trainings will follow on the dates below:

  • Compliance: June 10 — Aug. 16
  • ARR: Sept. 3 — Nov. 8

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