Alert: Protect yourself from organized theft of badges, credit cards

PROVIDENCE OREGON – Recently, security teams around Oregon have identified a disturbing pattern of thefts: An organized group is targeting hospitals and clinics to steal caregivers’ badges and credit cards. Thieves work together to distract caregivers before entering break rooms or other caregiver areas to steal.

Our security team offers five ways to protect yourself and others from theft:

  1. Leave valuables at home. When you must bring things to work, keep electronics, purchases and other valuables in a locked cabinet or office.
  2. Lock your car.
  3. Do not leave any valuables or confidential papers in plain sight, either on your desk or in your car.
  4. Lock your workstation and your personal belongings when you leave your desk.
  5. Report suspicious people to security at 503-215-7777.
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