Surgical Associates partners with St. Peter Hospital to provide comprehensive surgical services

February 11, 2024

Dr. Richard Krug outlines many of the procedures offered at St. Peter Hospital

SOUTH PUGET SOUND - Surgical Associates has worked in partnership with Providence St. Peter Hospital for more than a quarter century to provide the full range of general surgery care for South Puget Sound. From the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the area, to advanced robotic surgery, we have been at the forefront of surgical innovation. In partnership with Providence Swedish, we have relied on a strong team approach to meet the evolving needs of our community. 

As the largest surgical practice in the area, we partner with Providence Swedish to offer:

Colorectal surgery
We provide comprehensive care of benign and malignant colorectal disease. We have worked with St. Peter Hospital to develop a surgical home program to provide focused multidisciplinary care to patients starting the moment surgery for colon or rectal cancer is scheduled. This includes a preoperative evaluation at the surgical home clinic at St. Peter Hospital, when needed, to identify risk factors and to start “prehabilitation” in preparation for surgery. The program continues through the day of surgery and the postoperative course to apply proven techniques to improve recovery and minimize risks. We have a high success rate in using laparoscopic and robotic surgery, speeding recovery and shortening hospital stays. Complex cases are reviewed in a multidisciplinary cancer conference to ensure optimal treatment planning.

Breast surgery
Our surgeons have many decades of combined experience in caring for patients with breast cancer as well as with benign breast conditions. We work to minimize the impact of surgical treatment on patients. Most patients can be managed with limited, breast conserving surgery. When mastectomy is needed, we work with our plastic surgery colleagues to offer reconstruction to those patients who want it.

We review cases in our weekly multidisciplinary cancer conference to ensure that the input of all the specialists involved in cancer care is brought to bear in treatment planning. Our patients also benefit from the expertise of the Providence Swedish breast cancer navigator, Karry Trout, who helps patients with the logistics of cancer care. She is also a great source of support in a very stressful time for our patients.

Foregut surgery
We have extensive experience in the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Most patients’ heartburn and other reflux symptoms resolve after fundoplication surgery. Patients can usually stop taking powerful acid blocking medications. We are able to treat even complex paraoesophageal hernias with laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Hernia surgery
We manage the full range of hernias, from simple outpatient operations to complex abdominal wall reconstruction. Some hernias can be repaired with simple open surgery that can be performed with local anesthetic and sedation, avoiding general anesthesia. We use laparoscopic or robotic surgery where appropriate to minimize postoperative pain and speed recovery.

Minimally invasive surgery
Since 1990, when Drs. Chris Griffith and Jim Reus performed one of the first laparoscopic cholecystectomies on the West Coast, St. Peter Hospital has been at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery. We have vast experience with complex cases of acute and elective gallbladder surgery.

In addition to complex minimally invasive foregut colorectal and hernia repair, we offer laparoscopic adrenalectomy and thoracoscopic surgery.

Acute care and trauma surgery
Our acute care surgery service has provided uninterrupted surgical coverage for our community 24 hours a day for 15 years. Our program is unique in its team approach and integration with the elective surgery practice. All our surgeons contribute to acute care and trauma coverage. We meet daily and review the plan of care for every patient together. This prevents handoff errors and brings to bear decades of combined experience in the care of each patient. Our cohesive team also facilitates coordination with the hospital and other care teams. We improve efficiency and effectiveness of care by taking a unified approach to treatment and resource use. Follow-up care of acute surgical patients is facilitated by the fact that elective and acute practices are not separate, as at most institutions.

For more information about the surgical program at St. Peter Hospital visit:

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