Moxi collaborative robot coming to South Puget Sound

February 12, 2024

SOUTH PUGET SOUND – Centralia Hospital will be the first hospital in the Providence system to implement robotic automation across multiple nursing units. We will deploy two Moxi robots in Centralia to support caregivers so they can focus on what they do best: patient care.

Based on the initial pilot in Centralia we will determine timeline at St. Peter

Who is Moxi? 

Nurses and other caregivers will soon be able to call on robots named Moxi to help with non-patient-facing tasks. Using machine learning technology and an array of sensors, Moxi maps the hospital and uses its mechanized arm to navigate multiple types of doors, including doors that require badge access. Through its mobile base, which contains three different sized and locked drawers, nurses can use Moxi to fetch supplies, deliver lab samples, pick up medicines from the pharmacy and other tasks that improve overall clinical flows and efficiency. Automating these tasks allows nurses to operate at the top of their license and spend more time with patients. 

“We are excited to introduce Moxi to our caregivers and are hopeful that adding Moxi as a team member will help our nurses and caregivers perform those time-consuming tasks that take them away from their patients,” said Suzie Scott, chief nursing officer. “Moxi is going to enable caregivers to focus their efforts on being a high reliability ministry.”

Moxi was designed and created by Diligent Robotics, a robotics company that develops artificial intelligence to enable robots to collaborate with and adapt to humans. Moxi is equipped with an arm, gripper hand, and mobility that enables it to navigate hospital hallways, transport lightweight medical resources and drop them off for nurses and other staff. 

Designed to be compatible with the busy, semi-structured environments of hospitals, Moxi’s core technical features include: 

  • Social intelligence: opens elevators and doors on its own, won’t bump into people or objects in hallways. 
  • Mobile manipulation: Moxi can interact with the hospital’s existing environment, such as ADA doors and elevators to gain access across the entire facility without requiring a significant investment in infrastructure.
  • Human-guided learning: The more caregivers use Moxi, the more Moxi learns and adapts to its environment and way of doing things.

Moxi to arrive in Centralia Feb. 19 

Well – at least part of Moxi will arrive. The lower portion of Moxi will be roaming the hospital mapping routes. Think of a large “Roomba” looking piece of the robot. She will be guided by team members from Diligent using a controller to map a digital platform. This process will take approximately 3 days. 

Moxi’s full launch date will be released soon, along with many activities to introduce caregivers to her capabilities. We will continue to share more information about Moxi in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let’s welcome the Diligent team to Centralia!

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