Providence Swedish congratulates graduating class of 2023 residents!

July 21, 2023 Providence News Team

Residents contributed to programs and local community and now transition to medical and pharmacy careers.

SOUTH PUGET SOUND – Today we celebrate 14 residency graduates from Providence Swedish’s class of 2023. Training the next generation of physicians is part of our mission to the community. After medical or dental school, physicians receive three years of graduate medical education in our hospitals and clinics to prepare them for the next step in their careers.

Our residency programs train physicians in family medicine, rural medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other specialties. These doctors come to our community from across the country to gain experience by caring for diverse patient populations.

Providence Swedish congratulates its local graduating class of 2023 residents! After contributing so much to their residency programs and community, they will be transitioning to their medical and pharmacy careers, many of them practicing locally.

Providence St. Peter Summit Pacific Rural Training Program

Congratulations to Drs. Roy Miller and Rabab Cheema, who are the first ever residents to graduate from St. Peter Summit Pacific Rural Training Program.

This program is located in Grays Harbor County and is affiliated with the established Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency Program. Residents work alongside community-based, experienced family medicine faculty as an integral part of an interprofessional healthcare team to provide care for the culturally diverse, rurally located, and often underserved patient population.

Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Program