Introducing Providence Lacey Occupational Medicine: Your partner in workplace health and wellness

July 21, 2023 Providence News Team

Meet Ian Serrato, ARNP and Dr. Demitris Haldeos.

When it comes to occupational healthcare at Providence, there’s one specialized clinic that is equipped to conduct follow-on care for injured workers. Located on College Street in Lacey at the Providence Multi-Service Clinic, this occupational medicine clinic has been at the forefront of promoting workplace health and wellness, and has two exceptional providers at its helm.

Ian Serrato, ARNP

Ian Serrato, a seasoned nurse practitioner, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Providence Lacey Occupational Medicine. With a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health, Ian plays a crucial role in managing and coordinating various aspects of the injured worker’s claim. His warm demeanor and ability to connect with patients make him a favorite among those seeking care for a work-related injury. Ian’s dedication to delivering personalized and compassionate care ensures that each patient receives the attention they deserve, contributing to the overall positive experience at Providence.

Dr. Demitris Haldeos

At the heart of the clinic’s success is Dr. Demitris Haldeos, a highly skilled and accomplished occupational medicine physician. Dr. Haldeos’ extensive expertise in the field has earned him a stellar reputation among both patients and peers. His approach to occupational healthcare emphasizes preventive measures, aiming to reduce workplace-related injuries and illnesses. With a keen understanding of the unique health challenges faced by today’s workforce, Dr. Haldeos works closely with employers to design customized wellness programs tailored to their specific needs. Under his guidance, Providence Lacey Occupational Medicine has become a sought-after partner for patients who initiate their claims at our immediate care clinics. 

Together, Ian Serrato and Dr. Demitris Haldeos form a dynamic team, united by their commitment to getting workers safely back to work. They collaborate seamlessly to ensure patients receive comprehensive care that addresses their immediate health concerns related to injuries sustained at work. Their shared vision has been instrumental in shaping Providence Lacey Occupational Medicine into a clinic centered on delivering exceptional care to every patient we see.

Providence Lacey Occupational Medicine

4800 College Street SE in Lacey
(360) 493-4500
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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