Getting to know local medical practices: Pearl Plastic Surgery

June 7, 2024

Dedicated to providing top-tier care to patients in and around Olympia

By: Chris Nichols, MD Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

The team at Pearl Plastic Surgery brings extensive expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, anesthesiology and pain medicine, and surgical dermatology, including post-cancer reconstruction.

The team includes Dr. Chris Nichols, MD, Dr. Megan Gray, MD, Dr. Daniel Albershardt, MD, and Emma Heidbreder, PA-C.

Our practice emphasizes breast care and women's health, with a particular focus on breast cancer treatment and subsequent reconstruction. Since 2007, Dr. Nichols has been instrumental in setting up specialized breast care teams and centers of excellence in the South Puget Sound area, underscoring our commitment to high-quality patient care. Additionally, we offer advanced solutions for macromastia, including a recently published breast reduction technique.

We are proud to provide holistic, state-of-the-art care. Our approach includes the perioperative surgical home model to ensure continuous and comprehensive pre- and post-operative care. We utilize advanced techniques like ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia to effectively manage chronic post-surgical pain and employ personalized medical weight optimization strategies to improve surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence in plastic and reconstructive surgery drives us to deliver compassionate care of the highest standard. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with Providence St. Peter Hospital medical staff and contribute our skills and knowledge to the community.

We look forward to broadening our partnerships. We are eager to advance patient care together with your team.

For more information about the surgical program at St. Peter Hospital visit:

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