CMO Message: October 2023

October 9, 2023

As the leaves begin to change color and the weather turns crisp, I am delighted to bring you the latest updates, news, and events in our October Medical Staff Newsletter. In this edition, we have curated a variety of articles and information to keep you informed and engaged with Providence Swedish South Puget Sound. 

1) Kudos to you and our teams for accomplishing a lot in the past month! 

  1. First ever combined/joint annual Medical Staff Meeting (with flu shots). Congratulations to Dr. Sara Martinez who was selected as St. Peter’s Medical Staff President Elect! 

  1. Successful CircleBack Program Special thanks to all who participated in the Circle Back program. The Clinical Informatics (CI) team that led the program shared tremendous kudos for the level of participation and involvement of our providers. I want to hear feedback from those who participated. Anyone (if you participated or not!) can use this link to sign up for 1:1 coaching with the CI Acute Physician and APC Success Team: Inpatient Coaching - PSJH Acute Physicians & APC's Success Team ( 

2) What to watch: Documentation Compliance, Boarding and Length of Stay (LOS) 

  1. Documentation Compliance Delays in documentation impact continuity of care and result in lost revenue for our ministries at times in excess of $2.5 million. I need your help with timely completion of medical records and notifying the MSO of absences. Policy Number 86100-MS-124 outlines the medical staff policy for delinquent medical records at PSPH and Policy Number 86100-MS-008 covers PCH. 

  1. Emergency Center Boarding and LOS – We have made strides in decreasing boarding hours, but still have continued opportunity. My goal is to have zero boarders by ensuring any patient requiring admission makes it into an inpatient bed within 2 hours of the admission order. September data for LOS is still rolling in … but Geometric Mean Length of Stay Observed to Expected (GMLOS O:E) rose at St. Peter while continuing to decrease at Centralia hospital. Financial LOS appears to be steady to decreasing at St. Peter but increasing at Centralia hospital. 

3) Quality and Safety Updates: 

  1. The High Reliability Platform (HRP) is now live and has replaced Datix. Datix is only available to close out remaining events in that system, all events will now go into HRP. Click the Speak Up for Safety icon to report a safety event.  

  1. How are providers built in HRP/what is the provider role? This is still being developed in the new system. If you had access as a reviewer/leader in Datix, our Quality team is working to establish this role in the new system. If you have questions, you can reach out to  

3) Upcoming Events:  

  1. Christmas in the Forest Dec. 1, 2023. An opportunity to gather with friends and support Mission-driven programs of Providence. We hope to see you there! Gala Registration is here:  

  1. North Division Medical Staff Leadership Conference – Jan. 26-27, 2024, Renton, WA. Final details are being worked out, and shift from Friday to Saturday conference for less impact on some clinical schedules. Opportunity for anyone with interest or future plans for leadership on our Medical Staff to meet executive leadership and gain educational insight. CME available. 

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