2023-2024 Flu vaccinations

October 20, 2023

Flu season has arrived! The Medical Staff Office (MSO) is required to track and report the flu vaccination status of our medical staff to CMS. Flu Record or Declination needed by 2/1/2024.

St. Peter and Centralia offered flu clinics in October. If you received your flu shot at one of these clinics Caregiver Health will forward your record to the MSO. You can also call Caregiver Health to schedule a visit at 360-493-4341. Caregiver Health is now located in the Cedar House (next to Providence Professional Building on St. Peter main campus). Office hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm, closed between 11:30-12:30.

If you have received your flu vaccination outside of Providence, such as at a local pharmacy or through your PCP, please forward a copy of your vaccination record to the MSO at Sydney.bell@providence.org or via fax to 360-493-5226.

We can also accept a declination. Please complete and return the attached declination for your file.

While medical staff members are not required to be vaccinated for influenza, your participation is strongly encouraged for your health and for the health of our community! 

Remember, in the event that flu becomes active in the community, as determined by public health officials and both facility’s Infection Control Departments, non-vaccinated medical staff members will be required to wear a surgical mask 100% of the time while in clinical areas.  (Clinical areas are defined as all areas, including hallways.  The only exceptions are private, single occupancy offices, break rooms and the cafeteria.)

If you have questions regarding the contents of this communication, please contact PSPH Medical Staff Services at 360-493-7360.

Thank you,

Kim Packer, Manager MSO

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