Get the latest on Providence services during the ONA strikes: Saturday, June 24

Providence update – 10 a.m., Saturday, June 24:

Jennifer Gentry, R.N., chief nursing officer, Providence Central Division:

I spent the morning at Providence Portland Medical Center while our nurses were returning to work, and I’m pleased to report that Providence nurses have returned to the bedside at Providence Portland Medical Center, Providence Seaside Hospital, Providence Home Health and Providence Hospice.

As expected, Providence nurses and our replacement nurses acted with professionalism and a focus on patient care.

With that in mind, it’s one of many reasons that I do not believe that Providence nurses would condone closing our hospital to the community, as the Oregon Nurses Association leadership appeared to suggest last night.

Scott Marsal, M.D., chief medical officer, Providence Portland Medical Center:

We at Providence are gratified to have been able to provide care for thousands of people here in our Oregon campuses in the past week. I want to provide one story that highlights the impact we’re making to the communities we serve.

At the very moment that the Oregon Nurses Association was holding their press conference last night and appearing to suggest that Providence close its doors during the time of a strike, multiple surgeons at Providence Portland and other teammates were coming together to begin an operation – a life-saving operation for a patient who presented to us with an immediately life-threatening medical condition. This procedure was a success, and we’re gratified at Providence Portland to be one of just a few hospitals in the state able to provide this type of specialty care.

To be clear, a patient with this type of presentation ideally would never be transferred between hospitals because of the life-threatening nature of what this individual was experiencing.

We at Providence are determined to continue to care for our community, this is but one example of why we will not and cannot close our hospitals during a strike.


During the past week:

Providence Portland Medical Center and Providence Seaside Hospital treated more than 250 patients per day, and those two hospitals saw 150 patients per day in their emergency departments.

Providence Home Health made nearly 2,000 visits to patients.

Providence Hospice made about 750 patient visits.

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