Kadlec & Sacred Heart Children's Hospital: We Keep Tri-Cities Kids Healthy

October 28, 2019

Kids are unique.

smiling-childNo doubt about it — kids are special. They have big hearts, big imaginations and big dreams. They think and express their feelings and fears differently than adults, and their bodies work differently, too. Our specialty is treating children, from their growing bodies to their developing minds.

Healthy kids for a healthy future

Kadlec Regional Medical Center and Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital by Providence are committed to helping you keep your children healthy. Our Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital neighborhood-based specialty clinics work in collaboration with Kadlec coordinating medical care. We encourage the prevention of disease and illness through regular wellness evaluations. If your child is sick or needs ongoing care, your family will have access to the doctors and specialists you need most, close to home.

Our specialty clinics

No matter their age, if your child needs specialty care, you have access to clinics in your own backyard.

Located at:
112 Columbia Point Dr.
Suite 103
Richland, WA
Phone: 509-942-2766
Referrals Required

The specialties provided at this clinic include:

Together, we are committed to helping you keep your children healthy by providing the best possible care.

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