How HMR Healthy Solutions® helped Jeff develop a heart healthy lifestyle

August 15, 2020 Providence News Team

Jeff lost over 100 pounds on “the easiest diet he’s ever been on”

In October of 2019, Jeff’s doctor delivered some scary news that pushed him to make a change. Jeff’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels were elevated and his blood pressure was alarmingly high despite taking two medications to keep it under control. Shaken by these results indicating a decline in his health, combined with his overall sense of feeling “crummy”, overweight and unhappy with himself, Jeff knew it was time to make a lasting change. 

Jeff’s doctor suggested signing up for HMR Healthy Solutions® program provided by INHS Community Wellness. Initially, Jeff was skeptical of the program, but his wife encouraged him to participate. The first week of the program all his doubts were cleared away.  “It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever been on,” says Jeff. “It’s easy to track what you are eating and most of your decisions are made for you. I really like how simple it is and how it’s easy for me to stay consistent.”

By committing to eating the HMR meal plan during Phase 1, Jeff was able to see immediate progress in his weight loss, losing 45 pounds in 12 weeks, and his blood pressure began to drop. This initial change was so drastic that his doctor reduced his blood pressure medication and in early 2020 Jeff was taken off all blood pressure medications. 

 The group dynamic and coaches Jeff works with are instrumental to his success. “Sticking with the program and going to the meetings is the key,” states Jeff. “The coaches are great. I don’t feel that if I was trying to do it at home, even on the program, that I would have been as successful because you don’t have that sense of accountability. That sense of accountability carries through from one week to the next to keep you on track.”  

Jeff’s coaches help motivate him to make physical activity a part of his lifestyle. He explains, “Having them always talking about exercise and getting your physical activity in definitely keeps me thinking about it and trying to do some form of physical activity every day.”

At the meetings Jeff enjoys exchanging ideas, suggestions and recipes with his HMR group. “You become friends with the other people in your group” he says, “And you look forward to seeing them and talking about your successes.” Inspired by the quality ingredients supplied in the HMR meals, Jeff loves creating new recipes to expand upon the already varied menu options. His favorites to make are different kinds of breads and cookies using the ingredients from his HMR meals. One thing he looks forward to every morning is the HMR shake, claiming the blended drink is so sweet and tasty “It’s like a treat every morning.”

 Now that Jeff is going into Phase 2 of the program, he is confident he will be able to maintain his more than 100 pound weight loss. “I am being much more mindful of my portion sizes and watching my calories way more than I had before,” he says. “Instead of other programs where you have to track points, this program introduces a healthy lifestyle that you can stick with. I think this program is really built around being able to maintain your weight loss.”

 Jeff is proud of the way he looks and feels, and hearing people make positive comments about his life style changes helps to keep him motivated. “I encourage anyone looking to lose weight and wanting to make a change to a healthy lifestyle to try HMR because I know they will be successful with it too.” 

Attend a Providence weight management information session to find out the best option for you. Learn more and register today.

*HMR is a vendor of Providence St Joseph Health. Providence St Joseph Health receives a financial benefit in association with the purchase of HMR products. These products are not covered by insurance policies and require out of pocket costs.

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