Alicia Kirkman, RN honored with October 2019 Daisy Award

December 10, 2019 Providence News Team

Daisy Award-Values in Action BannerCongratulations to our October 2019 DAISY honoree: Alicia Kirkman, RN, PLCM Torrance. Alicia's nomination comes from Dana Perius, who shared her touching experience with us. Thank you, Dana, for your kind words.

“Yesterday my sister-in-law, Tamara, had a stroke. She arrived at Little Company of Mary by ambulance.

I do not know how often an ED RN would receive a DAISY Award Nomination, they don’t spend days with their patient like on other units or get to know the family but I immediately realized when I walked into the room that Tamara was with an exceptional RN, Alicia Kirkman.

"She not only gave us a vision of hope but a diplomatic vision of recovery.”

She barely left Tamara’s side. Therefore, when providing information to our inquisitive family, she was very compassionate and caring without alarming or scaring her patient. She interjected into our conversations and provided the gaps, which we appreciated. She not only gave us a “vision of hope” but a “diplomatic vision of recovery.” We were never a bother to her when all of us were in the room but instead she made us feel like we belonged.

Along with having a stroke, Tamara fell when the stroke occurred and fractured a bone in/near her ankle and badly injured her shoulder. Alicia went above and beyond to make Tamara comfortable with icepacks, pillow, neck rolls, blankets, etc. I know it is part of the job but Alicia cared for Tamara as if she could feel her pain and suffering.

Alicia was innovative and quick in trying to help Tamara go to the bathroom, re-arrange
her tubing (did you ever try the bra method?) and alleviate blood pressure cuff issues.

I could go on and on about how Alicia reacted to Tamara’s issues, but the best words to describe her are going above and beyond her job scope in a caring, compassionate way
when time is of the essence!

Thanks for everything Alicia!

The DAISY Award program is an opportunity for colleagues, patients or their loved ones to recognize a nurse for exemplifying excellence and compassion.

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