A Christmas Birth Story

January 15, 2020 Providence News Team

Candice Carter was ready for her Christmas baby to arrive. She knew every minute would count in the coming days as her husband, Shaye, was scheduled for deployment to the Middle East two weeks after Christmas.

The Carter Family got their Christmas gift a little early, as daughter Ady Jo Carter made her debut on December 23, 2019, two days past Candice's due date at Mission Hospital. Thanks to the Mission Hospital caregivers and Dr. Kenneth James of Laguna Beach OBGYN and his team, Candice and her family were able to return home just in time for the holidays.

Ady Jo Carter sporting her Mission Hospital snowman onesie. Every family who delivered at Mission over the holidays received this sweet gift. 

“We’ve just had the best experience at Mission and with Dr. James,” said Candice. “Everyone has been so amazing, personable and has communicated every step of the process with us. We made the decision not to deliver at the Naval Hospital because we were so impressed with Dr. James and Mission Hospital,” she continued. "

After Christmas, The Carter’s spent every moment enjoying quality family time before Shaye left for training. Shaye, a Marine of 13 years, and also a father to Ady Jo’s big brother Broden, knows first-hand how hard it can be for military families to be separated while serving our country.

When asked what advice he has for other military families dealing with the same challenges, Shaye offered “cherish the moments while you’ve got them.”

Today, Shaye is in training before he heads overseas, and is often able to FaceTime with his family so he doesn’t miss those precious baby moments, and Candice and Ady Jo are both thriving.

Candice and Shaye Carter, already raising their daughter to be a patriot.

“Ady has been the best Christmas gift. We didn’t find out the sex before she was born, so it was a complete surprise and we just adore her,” said Candice.

We wish the entire Carter the best and are grateful to both Shaye and his family for so courageously serving our country.

Learn more about the Birth Center at Mission Hospital. 

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