CORE new project spotlight: housing the healthcare workforce, identifying long-COVID, and more!

March 13, 2024


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The Providence Center for Outcomes Research & Education (CORE) is proud to announce three new projects and partnerships launching in the second half of 2023. Read on to learn about these exciting initiatives focused on advancing health equity in the aging population, evaluating an innovative approach to housing the healthcare workforce, and identifying long-COVID based on patient-reported experiences.

Studying CareOregon’s innovative approach to housing the healthcare workforce

In 2023, CareOregon took the unusual step of purchasing and converting a Seaside, Oregon hotel into housing for the region’s healthcare workforce and for individuals with disabilities. By providing market-rate units for providers serving the area, CareOregon and its affiliate, Columbia Pacific CCO, seek to address a significant barrier that prevents regional healthcare and social service organizations from attracting new staff, while also creating housing for individuals at risk of houselessness. CORE will study this innovative approach to better understand the landscape, workers’ housing experiences, and outcomes related to workforce recruitment and retention in order to inform other systems and communities considering similar investments.

Read the press release to learn more about this CareOregon initiative.

Identifying long COVID based on patient-reported experiences

With funding from Pfizer, CORE is partnering with the Providence Health Research Accelerator (HRA) and Truveta on an innovative three-year project to develop a model that uses patient experiences rather than Electronic Health Record (EHR) data as a starting point to define and identify long COVID. We will then use that information to create a model to identify long COVID patients more broadly using EHRs. This effort builds on CORE’s extensive work on the MyCOVIDDiary project, which collected narrative data from thousands of patients about their experiences with COVID-19 for up to a year after COVID infection. Once the model is ready, Truveta will deploy it in their large electronic records data set from multiple hospital systems with over 50 million patients to answer additional questions about long COVID.

Learn about CORE’s past work on MyCOVIDDiary at our website

Evaluating an initiative focused on advancing health equity for the aging population

According to The SCAN Foundation, health disparities among older adults abound and are further exacerbated for individuals from historically marginalized communities. In response, the foundation launched its Advancing Health Equity in Aging Initiative, which “aims to reduce health inequities and improve the lives of older adults, with an emphasis on older adults of color.” CORE was recently selected as the initiative’s evaluation partner. Our team will use a collaborative approach to learning and evaluation involving the foundation and locally funded groups to understand the overarching investment approach and potential for scaling and spreading this model across California. 

Learn more about the initiative at The SCAN Foundation’s website.

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