Providence provides financial assistance to patients in need

February 13, 2024 Providence Health Team


In this article:

  • Providence is committed to providing all patients with high-quality health care, regardless of health insurance coverage or ability to pay.

  • Providence offers various forms of charity care and financial assistance.

  • Read on for details on how to apply for our financial assistance program.

Providence provides financial assistance to patients in need

Our goal at Providence is to make high-quality health care more affordable. We believe everyone is entitled to medical care, regardless of insurance coverage or financial situation. That’s why we offer financial assistance to those who need additional support.

Our financial assistance program offers:

  • Guidance in applying for financial assistance.
  • Free care or reduced-cost care for patients who qualify.
  • A variety of payment plan options, including long-term and interest-free payment plans.
  • Charitable care to low-income patients, even without a financial assistance application.

Providence understands certain circumstances can prevent patients from filling out financial assistance applications. We continue to streamline and improve our application process so more people can receive help through our financial assistance program.

Providence is committed to serving those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

“Charity care and financial assistance are vital resources for patients who cannot afford health care,” said Greg Hoffman, chief financial officer for Providence. “Providence is committed to supporting those who need it most, and we continually evaluate our efforts and make sure they fully meet the needs of those we serve.”

Making health care accessible

Over the last two years, the Providence financial assistance program has eliminated over $83.5 million each month from our patient’s hospital bills. Many of our patients have expressed gratitude for the program.

When Ali broke her ankle, she needed three surgeries in just six months. Thanks to Providence’s financial assistance program she was able to focus on her recovery without worrying about mounting medical care.

“From the time I received my financial assistance, I didn’t receive another bill from that moment on,” Providence patient Ali said. “It was extremely easy to apply; I was met with nothing with grace and compassion. It honestly saved me.”

Ali is not alone. Melissa Webber and her husband Tyrel Williams were relieved when they finally took their daughter home after a four-week stay in the NICU. However, when they learned their insurance wouldn’t cover all the medical bills associated with Melissa’s maternity care and their daughter’s NICU stay, they were distraught. They applied for financial aid through Providence.

“Providence helped,” Melissa says. “They took care of 100% of it. And that just felt like the weight of the world lifted off our shoulders. It was just life changing.”

How you can apply for health care financial assistance

We don’t want concerns about debt to keep you from getting the medical care you need. If you have questions about whether you qualify for financial assistance or how to apply, set up a meeting with our team of compassionate financial counselors.

You can also get more information about our financial assistance program by:

  • Reading brochures and billing statements that your care team provides.
  • Reviewing price estimates, which also include information regarding financial assistance.
  • Reviewing information provided in locations throughout Providence locations and care facilities, including admission areas, emergency rooms and financial counseling offices. 
  • Talking to financial counselors and call center employees, who can provide information about financial assistance and answer your questions.
  • Visiting our financial assistance websites.

You can learn more about financial assistance and our charity care program by visiting

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