Providence provides financial relief to those in need

July 13, 2022 Providence News Team

Recently, a federal government program that helped cover the costs of COVID-19 services for those who are uninsured ended. This means that if you were eligible for this program, you may now be responsible for the costs of COVID-19 care.

But there is good news. If you were previously eligible for this federal program, are underinsured, or unable to pay some or all of your medical expenses for COVID-19 or otherwise, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Providence family of organizations.

We know that illness can happen suddenly and that medical bills can be difficult to pay. We don’t want this to be the reason you or your loved ones delay or forgo care. Read on for information about our financial assistance program and the options we make available to those in need.

What is Providence’s financial assistance program?

In keeping with our mission and values, we welcome and care for all regardless of coverage or ability to pay. Financial assistance is core to how we support those who are vulnerable, as we believe the cost of care should never get in the way of patients receiving the critical care they need.

Our financial assistance program includes:

  • Assistance in applying for financial assistance and medical coverage.
  • A proactive approach to financial assistance that seeks to provide charity care to those who are vulnerable, even if they have not applied for financial assistance.
  • Free or low-cost care can reduce or eliminate costs for those who are eligible.
  • Generous interest-free, long-term payment plan options.

In the past two years, our financial assistance program helped to eliminate approximately $83.6 million each month from patients’ hospital bills across the states we serve.

How does the program work?

A compassionate team of financial counselors and caregivers proactively works with our patients to understand their unique situations and help them to work through any financial issue. Throughout a patient’s care journey with us, we engage them at multiple points in the process to make them aware of the availability of financial assistance and encourage them to apply.

We are dedicated to helping patients find ways to make their care more affordable.

Check out these videos to learn more about the process and how this program has helped patients on their care journeys and beyond.




Where can patients go to learn more?

There are many ways our patients can engage with us. Learn more about our financial assistance program by:

  • Speaking with financial counselors and call center employees, who can provide information about financial assistance and answer questions.
  • Visiting our financial assistance websites (see below for contact information.)
  • Referring to price estimates, which also include information on financial assistance.
  • Reviewing signage in locations throughout care facilities, including admission areas, emergency rooms, and financial counseling offices.
  • Reading forms, brochures, and billing statements provided to patients upon registration and following care.

See below for contact information. 


Providence Swedish:



To ensure this information is easily accessible for all patients, it’s available in many languages and interpreting services are made available to patients.

How can patients apply?

There are many ways patients can apply for financial assistance, including:

  • Through MyChart, our electronic medical record system.
  • Via our websites (linked above).
  • Requesting a phone or in-person appointment with a financial counselor. Financial counselors can walk patients through the application process from start to finish.

If you have questions or concerns about your medical bills, please contact us to see what options may be available to help you. 

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