A heartfelt 'thank you' to our caregivers

March 29, 2021 Providence Health Team

Doctors' Day is March 30: Thank you to our providers and caregivers

Doctors' Day has never been more relevant. Over the past year, doctors and clinicians have emerged as heroes across the country. Watch a Doctors' Day message from Providence President and CEO Rod Hochman, M.D. Learn why he thinks 2020 should be the year of the clinician and how Providence is committed to helping clinicians and caregivers rediscover the joy of clinical practice.

You can also watch a special broadcast of a Facebook and LinkedIn live event on March 31, 12pm-12:30 PST in recognition of women and Doctors' Day. This event will feature Dr. Angelique Campen discussing her journey as a female physician, her experience working in the Emergency Department during the pandemic and how life has been both as a doctor and a mom.

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