Ways to keep your kids moving, happy and busy during the coronavirus

What to do when your kids are home with you seven days a week, and they need to stay happy while learning in the process? The secret is one that schools know well: Make a routine. Kids are used to following a schedule, so making a blueprint for the day will help everything fall into place.

In this article from Time Magazine, author Susie Allison offers up some helpful tips and ideas for how to keep kids challenged and engaged during this era of uncertainty. Here are our top takeaways from the article: 

  1. Start with the familiar school routine (e.g when they eat breakfast, when they head off to school, etc.).
  2. Dedicated time for play.
  3. Schedule some easy indoor activities such as drawing, reading, and cleaning toys. 
  4. Dedicated time for reading and other homework. 
  5. Take a recess in the backyard or an open park...but avoid the play structures for the time being. 
  6. Create a time for screens (if you approve of them, of course). 

We hope these tips inspire you. If you're a first time home schooler, we wish you all the luck. You've got this! 



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