Learn how integrative medicine can improve quality of life for cancer patients

Integrative medicine is an evidence-based approach to helping people achieve their best health and wellness through a combination of conventional health care and complementary therapies.

Conventional health care, also referred to as allopathic or Western medicine, treats illness using medications, radiation and surgery. Complementary therapies include naturopathy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and even yoga. Modern research supports the use of complementary therapies for many conditions related to cancer, including the side effects brought on by illness and treatments.

Two virtual events presented in December 2022 by Providence Cancer Institute of Oregon along with community partners Asian Health & Service Center and the Pink Lemonade Project highlighted how integrative medicine can benefit cancer patients and help improve their quality of life.

Health - You - Me: Integrative Medicine

In December 2022, Tzumin Weng, N.D., Lac, Providence Bradley J. Stuvland Integrative Medicine Clinic, was the featured speaker at a free event presented in partnership with the Asian Health & Service Center.

Dr. Weng is a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist. She practices the art of integrating naturopathic and Chinese medicine to help people maintain balance and health both physically and mentally.

Watch Dr. Weng’s talk for tips on living a healthy life through diet, movement and lifestyle choices based on the practices of integrative medicine.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Dinner Series: Integrative Medicine with Dr. Malea MacOdrum

A free virtual community-building event was held for metastatic breast cancer patients featuring Providence naturopathic physician, Melea G. MacOdrum, N.D., MSOM, LAc. Dr. MacOdrum works primarily with cancer patients, using a blend of natural, evidence-based approaches to help them manage the side effects brought on by illness and treatments. She provides compassionate and comprehensive care at Zidell Center for Integrative Medicine.

Watch this event presented in partnership with the Pink Lemonade Project.

About Providence Integrative Medicine

With an emphasis on positive and proactive health management, Providence Integrative Medicine Program complements our multidisciplinary treatment model. Integrative medicine providers work alongside patients’ other care team members to help them achieve optimal health. We offer two integrative medicine clinics in the Portland area, ensuring patients on both sides of the Willamette River have access to whole-body care, close to home.

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