Holiday roundup: Staying safe, caring for loved ones, and eating well

December 3, 2020 Providence Health Team


In this article:

  • Practical steps you can take to ensure you and those you care about stay healthy and safe -- through flu season and more.

  • Providence Health clinicians share advice on navigating food, cravings, and nutrition during the holiday season.

  • Stress during the holidays is common -- here’s what doctors say you should do.

While holidays are a special time of the year -- and often a great time to reconnect with family and friends -- they can also be stressful. Under the best of circumstances, many at this time of year experience stress about shopping, finances, and lack of time.  Add to those any concerns related to illness or risks to our health, and the stress is dialed even higher. Self-care and looking after our loved ones has never been more important.

Below, we’ve curated some of our favorite holiday articles to provide you with a single source of tips and advice to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually strong this Christmas.

Prioritize safety this holiday season

The holiday season always presents challenges to staying healthy, and protecting ourselves and our loved ones is the top priority. Whether it is getting our flu shot, washing our hands (correctly -- and often), or wearing a face mask, it’s important we all act responsibly to keep our loved ones and ourselves in good health. Read more

Extra care for high-risk cancer patients during the holidays

People fighting cancer have a higher risk of contracting other illnesses because treatments like chemotherapy can weaken their immune systems. If you or someone you know is undergoing cancer treatments, there are certain safety steps you can take for protection, especially during this holiday season. Read more

Foods to help you reset in the new year

Holiday cookies, family gatherings, and cocktail parties, oh my! The holiday season comes with a lot of joy, but it also comes with a lot of calories. If you’re feeling a little bloated and tired after all the holiday eating, the new year is a great time to reset your diet. Here are some helpful tips and healthy foods you can add to your plate to start feeling better. Read more

Healthy swaps for holiday favorites

Just when you feel like you’ve finally overcome the sugar overload from Halloween, the holiday season is fast on your heels. Pies, parties and cocktails abound. Before you know it, the scale produces a number you barely recognize, and the New Year’s rush to the gym begins in earnest. Read more

Grief during the holidays: When derailing may put you back on track

For some, the holidays are complicated because they’re missing a loved one who has died. It’s not just the absence that makes it challenging, it is also the storm of actively grieving that competes with trying to be in the “spirit” of the holidays. Read more

With the right support, even the most challenging aspects of the holidays can be made more manageable.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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