Retail Pharmacy Network Fill Limits

May 12, 2023 Corey Hammond

Beginning April 1, 2023, USFHP will follow the TRICARE rules for Retail Network
Pharmacy Fill Limits.
All beneficiaries, except active-duty service members, must get refills for select brandname
maintenance drugs through MXP (Maxor Mail Order) or one of the PacMed Clinic Pharmacies if you are in the Puget Sound region.

This rule limits ALL military retirees and active-duty family members across the country to only refilling select medications at pharmacies that buy from the Department of Defense (DOD).
Members are allowed to fill select brandname medications at local retail network pharmacies a maximum of two times before using MXP or a PacMed pharmacy. The third time, you’re responsible to pay 100% of the cost. This does not apply to the vast majority of generic medications.

You can check to see if your drug is affected by visiting

If you are not using MXP, visit our website pharmacy pages at to get started.

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