Middle schoolers see future health care careers

November 9, 2022 Providence News Team

Middle schoolers see future health care careers

Middle school students from around Lubbock, Texas, had a fun week at Covenant Ready Summer Camps, a new annual event. More than 230 young people from 15 schools learned about a huge variety of health care careers, ranging from first responders and nurses to pharmacists and physical therapists.

Covenant Health, part of the Providence family of organizations, featured many roles that work in hospitals, clinics and other areas of care. Some included nursing, physical, respiratory and occupational therapy, surgical services technicians, paramedics, flight trauma team and volunteer coordinators.

Four one-day camps were part of the event, each with a new group of students. The kids were thrilled to get hands-on experience in Covenant’s emergency department, lab, pharmacy, radiology, pediatrics, neonatal intensive care unit, surgery and physical therapy department. By the end of the week, all of the participants had seen many cool and interesting careers to explore in the health care field.

Covenant is grateful to all the partners who helped make this event happen, including local police and fire departments, and several area business sponsors.

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