A Tribute to St. Mary Medical Center Organ Donors

Each day there are approximately 107,000 people on the national transplant waiting list, hoping that today might be the day that they receive the gift of life.  Every nine minutes another person is added to the waiting list.
This recognition page is dedicated to all the heroes who turned loss into hope and transformed lives through organ donation.  
On behalf of every person whose live has been saved through organ donation, and their grateful family members, Providence thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

A Thank You from Our CEO 

I want to thank you for making the decision to donate life on behalf of your loved one. The Providence St. Mary Medical Center family grieves with you and honors you for your selfless gift. We know this was a very personal and difficult decision you made during a very painful time.  

Agreeing to donate life is a sacred gift, something that’s not lost on the medical community, donor families and most importantly, the lives of the people directly affected by such a selfless deed. Last year, donor patients at Providence St. Mary saved the lives of eight people, provided tissue and bone for 25 seriously injured or burned patients and restored sight for six people. 

Your loved one decided – or you did on their behalf - that donation was worth forever changing the lives of complete strangers. I’d like to personally convey my deepest appreciation and condolences to you and the rest of your family. Please know that Providence St. Mary Medical Center is forever indebted to each one of our donors and their families. 

I’d also like to thank you for trusting our hospital to handle such a sacred moment. Every organ donation carries with it indescribable grief, sadness and heartbreak for family and friends. But I hope at some point it can also be accompanied by the realization of the life-altering impact it will have on others. 

We believe every one of our donors deserves to be immortalized and honored. In the coming days, we will be launching a landing page on our website that pays tribute to our organ and tissue donors. It will have pictures of those donors we’ve lost, messages from family members and more. 

Your loved one is a hero and I hope this memorial will bring  some peace and joy as we recognize your incredible courage and sacrifice.

- Randall Castillo, Chief Executive    

Our Gracious Donors

photo of marilyn lanaeMarilyn Lanae Araiza




photo of preshey johnsonPreshey A. Johnson

With every sunrise and sunset, you are remembered. As long as we live, Preshey too shall live. We love and miss you very much. 


blair-himal-paying-guitarBlair Hillman

A kind, beautiful and generous soul, who is deeply missed every day by those who know and love him.


photo of danny kingDanny Leo King

Danny was a kind and loving man that gave from his heart to anyone in need.  He’ll be loved and missed forever! - The King Family 


derrick-mora-photoDerrick Patrick Mora

My son was a funny, creative, loving person who always looked out for me.  He loved to draw and hang out with his friends and family.  He was a good brother and he had a great attitude.  He was always smiling and joking around and he loved playing with his younger siblings and cousins. He worked hard at his job and was looking forward to a bight future when we lost him.


Lisa Anne Mitolo

Lisa was loved by all who really knew her – and still is. 




Xazvier Paschal

Loving you always. In loving memory, RIP.




Pedro Serna Guevara 

“I do not insist that this is a full adventure, but the beginning of one, for this is the way adventures being” - Don Quixote 


Donor Blessing

God of Life, 

You have given us each day as gift, an encounter with beauty and wonder that can leave us humbled before you.

God of Creation, 

You breathed the very breath of life into each of us, enabling all created parts of ourselves to live, to function, to have us stand in wonderment at the miracle of all the body holds

God of Gifts  

You have gifted doctors, nurses, and many who work in the  medical sciences with a unique skill to transplant organs, renewing life for the critically ill; not to replace you, but to remind us who is the giver of life

God of Healing, 

many wait in the shadow of pain and suffering, in the shadow of disease and mortality.  

May they know of your presence, your peace, and your compassion in their waiting. May their journey end soon with a successful transplant.

God of Compassion, 

You have encouraged many to give of themselves, donating what gave them life, at the end of their life, so another can live

God of love 

You have given strength to families to support a donor. In doing so they uniquely share in the gift of life with another, perhaps a stranger, perhaps a friend.

God of all that is 

In gratitude, we ask you to bless those who seek to restore life, who offer a part of themselves to give life, and the families who, in their grief, share in a life-giving event that blesses the life of another and another’s family.

In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen

- Author: Chaplain Sister Terry Maher, CPPS, MTS, BCC 

Donor Family Aftercare Program Available to all OneLegacy Donor Families.

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