Reappointment applications moving online

June 11, 2024

Medical Staff Services at Providence Centralia and St. Peter hospitals is excited to announce that as part of our continuous efforts to improve our services and streamline our processes, we are moving to an online reappointment application for our medical staff members. This system will allow you to review and sign your documents virtually and submit your reappointment application and upload your supporting documents via a secure and user-friendly portal. Below are the steps you need to follow to complete your online reappointment application.

As we send the reappointment packets 6 months prior to their due date, members who reappoint in November 2024 will be the first to receive the online reappointment packet. If you reappoint between July and October and would prefer to receive an online application, please contact your departmental credentialer,, or Heather McClellan (


Online reappointment application process:

How to access the practitioner portal

You will receive two (2) separate emails from Medical Staff Services; one will have the link to the practitioner portal and the second will be your username and your password. You will need to use the link, username, and password provided in these emails to access the portal. Do not share your login credentials with anyone else, as they are unique to your account and application. Credentialing contacts will have access to your online application to assist with completing the documents. You are responsible for reviewing and signing off by submitting the application; the credentialing contact cannot submit the application for you.

How to complete your online reappointment application

Once you log in to the practitioner portal, you will see a dashboard with your personal information and a list of tasks you need to complete. Please follow these steps to complete your online reappointment application:

  • Review and update your personal information, such as your contact details, qualifications, and specialties.
  • Provide the medical staff office with 3 peer references’ email addresses; preferably current medical staff members.
  • Upload your supporting documents, such as your continuing education certificates or ACLS/PALS if applicable. Please make sure that your documents are clear, legible, and in PDF format. You can upload multiple documents for each section, but the total size of your documents should not exceed 10 MB.
  • Submit your online reappointment application by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the dashboard. This will virtually sign your documents and route your application back to the medical staff office.

We request that you complete your application within 30 days of receiving the emails. 

We transitioned to an online application for initial applications earlier this year and have received positive feedback and are looking forward to similar success with the online reappointment applications.


Centralia/St. Peter Credentialing Email:

Primary Care/Perinatal Services Departments: Val Gleason at

Emergency Medicine/Teleradiology: Desiree Ticknor at

Surgery/Anesthesia/Radiology: Gay Gordon at

Medicine Department: or

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