Providence Swedish Staffing Transfer and Operations Center (STOC)

May 1, 2023 Chris Thomas

Creating one phone call into Providence Swedish Puget Sound region hospitals.  

SOUTH PUGET SOUND - Starting this summer, incoming transfers and direct admission coordination for Providence St. Peter and Centralia hospitals will be coordinated through the Providence Swedish Staffing, Transfer and Operations Center (STOC).   

This new process will ease your way with one phone call into Providence Swedish Puget Sound region hospitals and allows us to better care for our patients and the community. Further information will be provided as we work with individual teams in the coming months. Once the transition occurs, physicians will need to call 1-866-470-4233 for incoming transfer and planned admission requests. Physicians will be paged to call the Providence Swedish STOC for acceptance of these cases.  

This change will allow for:  

  • A dedicated team coordinating transfers & admissions 

  • capacity monitoring across the Puget Sound Providence Swedish Hospitals 

  • Recorded phone calls coordinated by experienced Registered Nurses 

  • Improve outcomes and access for patients  

  • Emergent Transfer Line for critical patients 

  • Escalation path for critical patients or delays 

  • Transfer back agreements  

  • Standard documentation and process workflows 

The Providence Swedish Transfer and Operations Center holds regional services that focuses on hospital capacity, patient throughput and resource coordination. Many of these services have already, or are in the process of, regionalizing and will provide services for the South Puget Sound. Some of these service will centralize, such as Transfers, while others will remain local and we work to standardize best practices across the Puget Sound.  

These include:  

  • Transfers 

  • Bed Placement 

  • Clinical Resources (Staffing, Scheduling, Timekeeping) 

  • Expediter Teams (Case Management/Acute Care) 

  • Administrative Supervisors 

  • Data & Analytics 

  • GE Mission Control/Technology Integration 

  • Non-employed Workforce (Agency) 

  • Surgery Scheduling & Navigation 

  • EVS Program Coordinator 

  • EMS Dispatch   

We appreciate your attention to these changes and will have more information to be provided as we get closer to the transition of transfers. Should you have questions, please reach out to Lindsey Powell, MBA, BSN, RN Director of Patient Placement & Capacity Management for STOC at  

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