Changes within Medical Staff Services

July 3, 2024

Initial Applications/Credentialing:

We are transitioning to a round robin system for the initial applications. Moving forward initial applications requests should be sent to Heather McClellan, Credentialing Supervisor, at Kim Packer, Medical Staff Services Manager, will assign the initial applications during my time away (July 10-July 24). Please send requests to her at Effective immediately, we ask that you no longer submit initial applications requests to the individual credentialers. Requests for applications sent to the Credentialers will be forwarded to me or Kim. Notification of this change was sent via email to credentialing contacts and office managers on Monday, 7/8/2024.

The benefits to making this change include: a more balanced workload resulting in quicker processing times and creating a stronger knowledge base for the credentialers via cross training, while maintaining a key contacts for each division’s other credentialing needs. Each credentialer will continue to focus on their division’s reappointments and other credentialing processes, except for initial applications, such as additional privilege requests, resignations, leave of absence requests, etc. With this new approach each credentialer will process initial applications for each division. Resulting in our Credentialers working in each division for initial applications.  



Please note that Val will be on maternity leave from 7/15/2024 – end of October. During this time, Desiree and Martha will be covering the reappointments/other credentialing for this division.


Other Contacts:

Please contact Heather or Kim Packer with any questions.

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