The Inflammation Factor

July 6, 2023 Providence News Team

With inflammation now linked to everything from cancer to heart disease, reducing it is essential to better health.

Foods the body recognizes as damaging trigger an inflammatory response that, over time, can create serious health issues. “Think of someone with a dairy allergy drinking milk,” explains Megan Wroe, Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach at Providence St. Jude Wellness Center. “Foods like sugar and hydrogenated oils have a similar inflammatory effect—it just happens more gradually.”

The solution? Shop the grocery store perimeter—hitting fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and wild-caught fish—and avoid the center aisles, which are typically filled with highly processed foods. “If the label reads like a science experiment, put it back,” suggests Megan. “Instead, focus on whole foods, especially those high in anti-inflammatory omega 3’s.”

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