CATCH Health Fair Comes to St. Patrick Hospital

May 1, 2018 Providence News Team

Missoula, MT—More than 700 third and fourth graders from schools around Missoula County will participate in a fun-filled half-day of health-related educational stations at the Broadway Building Conference Center at Providence St. Patrick Hospital at 500 West Broadway in Missoula.

The free CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) Health Fair gives children a hands-on, group learning session that takes them from station to station to practice and learn about healthy lifestyles. This is the ninth year in a row the Health Fair has been held at St. Pat’s.

CATCH is a school-based program to increase healthy eating and physical activity in elementary students. All District 1 elementary and middle schools have adopted the program.

Education station themes include:

  • Tackle Tobacco
    • Learn and practice the skill of saying “NO!” to tobacco
    • Understand how tobacco use affects the. body, especially the heart and lungs.
  • CATCH Course
    • Learn the meaning of GO Activities
    • Recognize the signs of GO Activities
    • Have fun playing a GO game outside
  • Taste-Test Challenge
    • Learn the meaning of GO (good for your heart) Foods
    • Taste-test new or unusual GO Foods
  • Hearty Hearts
    • Learn about the body’s circulatory System and the important roles that GO Foods and GO Activities play within that system
  • Buckle Your Brain
    • Understand how helmets protect the brain from injury
    • Learn when it’s a good idea to wear a helmet
  • Germ Hunters
    • Learn what germs are, how they spread and how they cause disease
    • Understand the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of germs

This event is free. Call 406-329-5759 or email List Tims for more information.

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