5 ways women can reduce bloating

Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s time to get out your swimsuit, throw on a sundress, or grab a pair of shorts and take advantage of all the hot-weather activities you looked forward to all winter. Unless, of course, a bloated, puffy stomach (or swollen legs, ankles or hands) is putting a damper your plans—and your wardrobe.

Abdominal bloat makes your stomach feel tight, swollen, and uncomfortable. It can be the result of swallowing air, eating gas-producing foods, lactose intolerance, water retention, and a number of other conditions.

You don’t have to suffer. The tips below will help you avoid a bloated, puffy belly while there’s still time to make a few trips to the pool.

Save your summer

If a puffy, bloated abdomen is ruining your summer fun, the team at Providence can help you pinpoint the cause and develop a plan to end your discomfort. Search for a doctor in our regional directory or find a location near you:







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