Providence turns cutting-edge science into patient-first care with the help of technology

October 18, 2021 Amy Compton-Phillips

Providence turns cutting-edge science into patient-first care with the help of technology  

For more than 160 years, Providence has been working toward a vision of health for a better world. We’ve grown stronger every decade by empowering clinicians and building a resilient culture to propel us into the future. Our partnership with Microsoft means we are creating access to technology that enables our caregivers to provide better, patient-first care. Our family of organizations operates at the intersection of innovation and compassion, turning cutting-edge science into patient-first care, all while making the world healthier.

Think about what healthcare was like in the 1900s: how the threat of infectious diseases and a lack of sanitation and poor hygiene contributed most to poor health outcomes. Then look at where we are today with science in action: we have vaccines made from mRNA technology and custom immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients. We’re on the precipice of a world where disease onset can be delayed or even avoided through the power of understanding populations, personalized health, and precision medicine.

Technology improves access to quality care 

Providence caregivers prioritize the human connection first and the technology second. Digital tools enable us to move knowledge and put information at clinicians’ fingertips. By continuing our mission to serve all, including the poor and vulnerable, we can provide care for  people who live in rural areas through telehealth. We use artificial intelligence to understand populations by researching treatment plans gathering information that is then synthesized to help us deliver the best care to all. The aggregate data we have from all these technological innovations gives us greater insights that allows doctors to provide better care.

Now is the time to partner across health care systems and build together to ensure we are turning cutting-edge science into cutting-edge patient care. Data alone can’t save lives—our integrative care teams do. Innovation requires partnership and, to successfully build health for a better world, we’ll need to bring together the right information and the right people at the right time to make the best decisions.

Join Providence's family of organizations and be part of our vision to provide the future of health care today.


About the Author

Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., is an internationally respected healthcare executive, innovator, speaker and author serving as President and Chief Clinical Officer for Providence. She is responsible for improving health, care and value outcomes delivered by the 52 hospitals, 1000+ clinics, and 120,000 caregivers of the $25 billion health system.

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