Advances in Spine Surgery

November 8, 2021 Providence News Team

Pinched or compressed nerves in the neck or spine can cause excruciating pain. The discomfort can keep you from doing even the most basic tasks like driving or sitting at a desk, never mind your favorite activities like hiking, golfing or skiing. Relieving that pain is typically a top priority for patients, but so is getting mobility back. Although surgery is often considered a last option for neck and spine pain, it can be necessary if treatment isn’t working, and the pain is getting worse.

Thankfully, there’s a surgery available that could help you get back to your favorite activities quicker while protecting the long-term health of your neck or spine. It’s called cervical disc replacement (the “artificial disc”), and neurosurgeon Bradley Noblett, MD, is working to spread the word.

Dr. Noblett emphasizes that this minimally invasive procedure can be a great alternative to the more commonly used spinal fusion. He often recommends the surgery because it can offer a quicker recovery, improved neck flexibility, and gives patients more treatment options if their pain returns or gets worse.

The surgery, which helps relieve pain caused by compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots, replaces a damaged disc with an artificial disc. The use of an artificial disc helps some patients resume activities like walking, swimming or biking within two weeks, and they can get back to more vigorous activities like tennis, running or golf within six weeks.


Although there are advantages to disc replacement, not every patient is a good candidate for this type of spinal surgery. After an evaluation, your doctor will discuss the best option for your unique needs. But for patients who meet the criteria—especially younger people—it can reduce the likelihood of degeneration of the neck or spine over time, leading to potentially better long-term results.

From an outdoor enthusiast eager to get back in her element to a parent who simply wants to pick up their child without pain, cervical disc replacement could make all the difference in your lives.



Is Disc Replacement Surgery for You? 

Tuesday, November 16, 6-7 p.m. 


You're invited to join Dr. Bradley Noblett to learn about the latest surgical options for spine surgery that could help you get back to living your life faster. These options will include advances that allow you to reduce your recovery time and maintain or improve mobility. To register for this free online class, call 844-925-0944 or click here


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