Resist using drugs, alcohol to cope during COVID-19 outbreak

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As feelings begin to run high, anxiety, stress, and depression can begin to set in quickly and the urge to turn to alcohol or drugs can increase. 

This article from Healthline explains the reasons why self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or even food can be dangerous during this time. 

The article also suggests some positive coping mechanisms during this time, such as: 

Mindfulness exercises like meditation and relaxation techniques

Creating a less stressful environment by incorporating things that make you happy and calm, like taking a bath, reading a book, or lighting some candles and incense. 

You can also make a list of things that will make you happy and pay attention to when the negativity overtakes you and pull ideas from your list to return to the positive side. 

A change of scenery can be helpful, even if it is a walk through your neighborhood as long as you're mindful of social distancing. 

Reach out to friends through different digital channels

Host a group lunch with your friends via a webcam, or get involved in an online exercise challenge.

Speak to your therapist via a virtual visit or telecommunication channels to avoid an office visit

We hope these suggestions help keep you on track during this time of quarantine. Separately, together, we can make it through. 

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