A Walk Around the Mall - Courtland's Story

February 24, 2023 Providence News Team

A Walk around the Mall – 20,000+ Times

Twelve years ago, Courtland Smith took one of his first trips around the Columbia Center Mall, with the help of a nurse walking beside him. That started him on a walking journey, not across grand mountains or in faraway places, but around the mall again, and again, and again. 

Courtland, 78, recently logged mile 23,875 with Kadlec Healthy Ages Mall Walkers, and he plans to keep going strong.  Prior to COVID-19, he walked six days a week at the mall, often twice a day, logging 12 to 14 miles per day.  During the COVID lockdown, he continued walking -- around his neighborhood, on walking paths, and around the outside of the mall – even in the cold weather. He tracked his miles on his phone.

Since the reopening of the mall for walking, Courtland utilizes a combination of walking around the mall as well as outdoors, and sometimes both.  He continues to walk nearly every day, with a goal of reaching at least 10 miles a day.

He always walks at a brisk pace, and with a big smile, often handing out candies as he goes.

“I like walking,” he said, “and I will continue to walk until I can’t walk anymore.”

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