Are you still on the fence about wearing a mask?

A recent demonstration by the Microbiology Lab at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital shows how wearing a mask can protect you (and others) in close proximity and even at a safe 6ft distance. 

Viruses like COVID-19 can be transmitted when droplets are produced through common behaviors, such as coughing, talking, singing or sneezing. Masks are effective at blocking most of these droplets, even when up close.

Watch the demonstration here that answers the common questions:

  • How effective is masking?
  • Does physical distance matter?

When a local journalist repeated the demonstration alongside Sacred Heart's Microbiology director, Dr. Rich Davis, they documented the results as he coughed, sneezed, sang and talked with and without a mask. They also looked at social distancing and found it to be effective at keeping germs contained. 

Watch more here:


As you can see, it's amazing how much good one little mask can do!


Learn more about our commitment to your safety and well-being, which includes wearing masks, when we treat you in one of our facilities. 

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