Everyone has a right to healthcare

Providence believes that health is a human right, and that means ensuring that everyone who needs care can get it. Whether a patient has commercial insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or is uninsured, Providence focuses on caring for populations of people who are part of the communities we serve.   

“We understand that health requires different actions, commitment, resources and funding,” said Dr. Rhonda Medows, president of Population Health at Providence. “When we talk about health for all, we mean health for ALL.”

One of the key elements to ensure everyone has access to healthcare is Medicaid. While an imperfect program, people from all walks of life depend on Medicaid. As Dr. Medows points out, it’s a payer that provides coverage for around 50% of prenatal pregnancies, about 70% of nursing home care, and many veterans depend on Medicaid to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Providence's commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare.  


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