Welcoming New General Neurologist, Dr. Adeline Plesiu

July 26, 2021 Kelby Johnson

Welcoming New General Neurologist: Adeline Plesiu, M.D.

Providence Brain & Spine Institute

Where did you complete your training?

I went to medical school at OHSU, interned at Kettering Medical Center, and then did both my residency and a neurophysiology fellowship at the University of California San Diego.

What do you enjoy most about being a physician and what do you emphasize most in your practice?

Having the chance to interact with people of different backgrounds. It's important to listen to what patients are saying to come up with a proper diagnosis. I like helping patients understand more about their medical conditions and future treatment options, as well as how exercise and other lifestyle factors are important in controlling chronic disease.

How did you become interested in medicine and in Neurology?

I became interested in medicine because of the way that doctors can use knowledge of science to help others and figure out problems that affect the health of patients. During medical school, the field of neurology appealed to me because of the way that neurologists could localize lesions based on a person's exam.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Music is a big part of my life. Playing the violin was one of my favorite hobbies growing up, and I played in my high school orchestra and the Portland Youth Philharmonic. During medical school, I also became interested in running. I have done several marathons and more than a dozen half marathons.


Dr. Plesiu joins Providence Neurological Specialties - Milwaukie this June.

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