Physiatry Care Offers Patients Functional Improvement

July 26, 2021 Kelby Johnson

Physiatry Care Offers Functional Improvement

With acute and chronic pain sending an increasing number of patients to their primary care providers for solutions, it is more important than ever to have options for pain management care. Providence Brain and Spine Institute is expanding our physiatry care team to support referring providers and meet the needs of our patients and community. Dr. Ryan Thompson, one of two recent additions to the team at Providence Physiatry Clinic West, explains it best: "As a physiatrist, the main focus of mine is on functional improvement." As partners in care, physiatrists can collaborate with primary care and help patients get back to what's possible. Learn more about Dr. Thompson and his practice below.

Ryan Thompson, D.O.

I primarily treat disorders of the spine, but will additionally evaluate and treat for hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or potential peripheral neuropathic pain. When a patient is referred to me, I evaluate them and create a multimodal treatment plan as appropriate. This may include medications, injections, physical modalities or psychological modalities. If indicated, I perform injections for patients, including: epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, joint injections, peripheral nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation trials and ultrasound-guided occipital nerve blocks. I am more than happy to evaluate any complaints, from acute first time pain to chronic longstanding pain, and will attempt to get patients to be more functional in their day to day activities.

Where did you complete your training?

I did residency at The Ohio State University in PM&R and then a pain fellowship at the University of Iowa.

What brought you to Portland?

I am originally from Oregon, with my family living primarily in Portland and Medford.

How led you into this field?

I had a very early interest in neurology and the musculoskeletal system during medical school, which led me to pursue my training in PM&R.

What is your care philosophy?

I enjoy watching patients get better and helping them to manage their chronic conditions. My fellowship training gave me additional tools to diagnose and treat these conditions.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. I also like cooking, cheesemaking and occasionally making either beer or cider.


For Epic referrals to Dr. Thompson: REF88X, enter Ryan Thompson, select 9135 SW Barnes Road Suite 461

For more information or external referrals: call our Provider and Patient Engagement Center at 503-216-1055

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