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October 2, 2017

quote We are marrying the cultures of software innovation with health care delivery to create big ideas, build them using small-batch innovations and learn quickly in a rigorous, data-driven way."



Aaron Martin
Managing partner, Providence Ventures
Executive vice president and chief digital officer
Providence St. Joseph Health

At Providence St. Joseph Health, we’re delivering health care when, where and how it fits into the busy lives of consumers. This has required digital innovation to serve patients on demand and, increasingly, online. 

We are also using digital innovation to increase access to care, make it more affordable and improve health for everyone, including the poor and vulnerable.

Our Digital Innovation Group has met this challenge by collaborating with entrepreneurs-in-residence to build new software services for consumers and clinicians. DIG’s groundbreaking work has resulted in the spinoff of a new company.

We’ve also created Providence Ventures, a $150 million venture capital fund that invests in innovative health care ideas. Since 2014, we’ve partnered with companies striving to improve the quality and convenience of health care, and lower costs.

There’s much more to come from Providence St. Joseph Health. 

Our latest products and services


Xealth is a digital prescribing and analytics platform. Health care teams can use it to order digital health content, apps and services as easily as they order medications. Patients can access these digital prescriptions from their electronic medical charts and actively manage their health, while providers can monitor patient engagement and the effectiveness of services. We’ve spun Xealth off as its own company.


This mobile health app delivers useful content to a family’s chief medical officer — mom. PSJ introduced Circle as a tool for expectant and new mothers, with clinically approved answers to FAQs about pregnancy and newborns, customized to-do lists and access to local and online resources. Circle’s content has been expanded to cover children up to 18 and will soon span the spectrum of women’s health.

Express Care

Providence St. Joseph is a leader in responding to the voice of our consumers by providing on-demand health care. We offer convenience, choice and connected care, all from a trusted health system, including:

Optimal Aging

Our Consumer Innovation Group created Optimal Aging to support older adults who want to live at home longer. Optimal Aging connects them with trusted, affordable services, including home care, transportation, meals and personal care. These services, now offered in western Washington and Oregon, also appeal to family members, who often shoulder the responsibility of providing at-home care for older relatives.

NICU Webcam Program

Parents with children in the neonatal intensive care unit at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, Calif., can watch over their newborns by logging into a secure website and viewing a high-definition livestream. With the use of the NICVIEW webcam, St. Joseph recently ranked No. 1 on a new geosocial index that ranks some 6,000 hospitals based on social media activity.


Telehealth provides urgent or critical care that fills gaps at smaller, remote hospitals. Using sophisticated technology, our Telehealth professionals can provide life-saving diagnoses and treat patients in real time. Across our system, we offer more than 40 telehealth services, including acute stroke care and 24/7 access to hospitalists. This case study demonstrates how our hospitalists have improved patient care and the bottom line for one rural hospital.

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