In-clinic, virtual or at-home: 3 ways to get care

September 29, 2017

We call it Express Care

Providence and our affiliates are helping pioneer the on-demand model for health care in the same way that others are creating new models for ground transportation, dining and entertainment. The idea is to make health care diagnosis and treatment as quick, simple and convenient as ordering a pizza or catching a ride across town. That’s why we’re teaming up with Walgreens, offering instant online visits and bringing back the house call.

Providence Express Care at Walgreens and in freestanding clinics

Providence Express Care includes freestanding walk-in clinics and clinics inside Walgreens stores. Our own board-certified health care providers staff the clinics, which serve consumers with non-emergency medical needs. The clinics offer the best of both worlds: convenience and care you can trust.

You can schedule a same-day appointment by calling, scheduling online or walking in. If you’re getting a prescription, you can pick it up on the spot. You can pay for your visit directly or use your insurance. The clinics serve anyone from multitasking shoppers to soccer moms and dads seeking care for conditions ranging from fever to acne, scrapes to headaches.

Forbes magazine recently explained why Walgreens and Providence think the partnership makes good business sense.

To find a clinic, visit the Providence Express Care website.

Providence Express Care at Home

Remember when doctors made house calls? Providence Express Care at Home sends a health care provider to your home, office or hotel room to treat common conditions such as headaches, poison ivy, sprains, allergies and nausea. You can also get a routine physical, a blood pressure screening, travel medicine and more.

Consumers pay $199 a visit or the cost of their copay or coinsurance. If you’re a busy parent with a cranky child, a traveling executive suffering a migraine, a weekend warrior laid-up with a broken ankle or a sick college kid without a car, Providence Express Care at Home takes the stress out of seeing a health care provider.

This service is available in Seattle through Swedish. In Southern California, Express Care Home is available in South Bay. 

Providence Express Care Virtual

Providence Express Care Virtual lets you connect instantly to secure, online care. It puts a board-certified health care provider in the palm of your hand via your smartphone, tablet or computer and is available seven days a week, 8 a.m. to midnight in Washington and Oregon, and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in California.

In the visits, which cost $39 per visit and are often covered by insurance, you select from a list of trusted Providence providers. The connection is quick, allowing you to get diagnosis, treatment recommendations and prescriptions, if needed, within minutes of picking up your device. You don’t need to get the car out of the garage or wait for an opening at your provider’s office.

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