How to optimize your work from home daily routine

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This whole working from home thing is new to many of us. We found a short, but informative video from The Huffington Post with some useful advice on things you can do to build a lasting routine to help you become a WFH (work from home) expert.

  • Clock in on time. Don’t succumb to getting that extra 15-minutes of sleep. Get to work on time. It will help you establish a routine.
  • Make a list. Document your priorities for the day to help keep you focused and enable you to know when you fall off track.
  • Pause. Micro-breaks helps to relax our brains and re-energizes us. Look outside, take a walk, doodle. Do something that will create space between your deliverables and your ability to be productive.
  • Stay at work. It’s tempting to play a video game, do the laundry or dive into the latest news updates about the coronavirus. Stay strong. Stay focused.
  • Clock out on time. Set the time when you’re going to end your day. It’s easy, when working from home, to keep going and charging through your work, but may come at a cost to your ability to be productive.
  • Get up and move. Take a walk, jump rope, ride your bike, or have a dance party with friends. Do something physical to help you stay sharp.

The source video for the insights above is below. 


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