Now is the perfect time to get kids up-to-date with wellness

September 9, 2020 Providence Health Team

Sending kids back to school will be a little different this year. While COVID-19 may have changed how kids experience school, one thing that remains constant is the need to ensure they are up-to-date with wellness check-ups.

Keeping in line with normal back to school medical schedules, we encourage seeing your primary care or pediatrician for vaccines and immunizations but many other needs such as sports physicals and wellness checks can also be done at your area Providence Urgent Care or ExpressCare clinics. If you are unable to leave your home, consider a virtual visit from the convenience of your living room. And, while you can’t get a physical or a vaccine virtually, we can help with a variety of conditions all from the convenience of your home so everyone can get back to learning.

In addition to ensuring that kids are healthy and well, it’s also important to talk to them candidly about how COVID-19 has changed the school experience. For those students who are physically going to school, we recommend stressing the importance of consistently wearing a mask, washing their hands frequently throughout the day and practicing social distancing.

Supporting this, Providence has taken great strides to ensure patient safety during the pandemic across all of its care facilities to ensure the safety of our patients when they visit our clinics or our area hospitals. From routine coronavirus symptom screenings to offering virtual visits for on-demand and routine medical care, we are here to meet the needs of our communities.

This school year is like no other as parents, students and teachers face many uncertainties. If you or your child are experiencing anxiety or are simply looking for some tips and insights on how to cope during this health crisis, we encourage you to also visit our wellness resource hub.

Learn more about our primary care services, or to locate an Urgent Care or ExpressCare clinic near you.

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