Data-driven insights for a healthier Oregon: The Health Share analytics project

January 26, 2023

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  • A collaboration with Providence CORE is helping Oregon's largest Medicaid CCO, Health Share, respond to member needs and identify areas for system improvement.
  • In 2022, Health Share partnered with CORE to enhance its quality metrics and analytics capabilities. Future projects will focus on substance use disorders and homelessness in the Portland area. 

For the State of Oregon’s largest Medicaid Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), using health data is key to reducing health disparities, promoting health equity, and improving the health of the communities and over 420,000 members it serves. By continually pursuing more accurate and robust data analytics, CCO Health Share of Oregon seeks to better identify population-level disparities within its membership in order to support efforts across the region to improve health outcomes and decrease inequities. 

Reflecting that commitment and building on a recent overhaul of its data infrastructure, Health Share sought to expand its quality metrics reporting and data analytics capabilities with the help of the team at Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE).  

Translating data into action for a healthier Oregon 

During 2022, CORE worked side-by-side with staff and leaders at Health Share to update a suite of quality improvement metric dashboards and create custom data views to support decision-making and action on population health and utilization data. These improved tools support the organization’s ongoing efforts to identify health disparities and areas for system improvement, as well as respond to members' health and social needs, furthering its mission of achieving health equity and the best possible health for each individual. 

“We are very excited about our ongoing partnership with CORE.  Our collaborative analytic work will help to identify opportunities to improve care and health outcomes for our members experiencing substance use disorders, houselessness, or behavioral health conditions.” - Cat Livingston, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Health Share of Oregon 

Responding to the region’s substance use disorders and houselessness challenges 

Moving into 2023, CORE will continue collaborating with Health Share on data development projects aimed at understanding local health and social needs and advancing health equity.  

The CORE team is particularly excited to partner with Health Share on an analytics project at the intersection of substance use disorders, mental illness, and the social determinants of health. This is both timely and important because addressing houselessness is a core component of Health Share's strategic plan and an ongoing challenge in the Portland area. The project is especially vital because untreated mental illnesses and substance use disorders are known to be major drivers of houselessness. 

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