Our COVID-19 Agenda

CORE’s COVID-19 Agenda

At CORE, our work is about health transformation – and few things have been more transformative to U.S. health care than the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we’re partnering with researchers within and outside of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) on a range of COVID-19 research projects. The projects are designed to provide immediate improvements in COVID-19 care and understand the pandemic’s long-term impact on health care. As with all of our work, our approach spans the health continuum, looking at upstream, midstream, and downstream impacts and potential solutions.

As of July 2020, CORE has three COVID-19 projects funded. These projects focus on telehealth home monitoring of COVID-19 patients, impacts of deferred care and shifting health care utilization, and COVID-19 disparities. 

Evaluation of COVID-19 Telehealth Home Monitoring 

COVID-19 has led to a rapid expansion in telehealth services, creating new opportunities for patient care during and after the pandemic. This study, funded by the PRSJ Foundation, will evaluate some of PSJH’s rapid response telehealth interventions, which provide monitoring and support for patients with COVID-19 who are managing the illness at home. This project will analyze data from medical records and other sources to assess effectiveness of these telehealth interventions as a model for supporting patients with COVID-19 now and in the future. 

Impact of Shifting Utilization & Deferred Care Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a substantive shift in how people engage in health care, including reductions in the use of outpatient, ED, and inpatient services. This may be the result of suspensions in non-critical services. However, people may also be foregoing care to adhere to social distancing, because they are fearful of infection, or due to changes in their personal situations. This study, funded by Providence Foundations of Oregon, seeks to understand shifts in care during the pandemic, and the longer-term implications of these shifts for delivery systems and patients.

Understanding Disparities in COVID-19 Testing, Infection Rates, & Outcomes

Recent media reports have pointed to persistent disparities in the impact of COVID-19. This project, funded by the Providence St. Joseph Foundation (PRSJ Foundation), will combine and analyze data from across the PSJH system in an effort to better understand disparities in the impact of COVID-19 among PSJH patients. Results will help inform recommendations on how health systems can reduce or eliminate disparate impacts.       


For more information about our COVID-19 research, contact:

Keri Vartanian, PhD. 

CORE Director



Bill Wright, PhD. 

Executive Director, Health Transformation Research


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