Providence Tarzana Among the First in the Nation to Use New Technology for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Coronary Artery Di

October 17, 2016

Treatment Reduces Complications and Uses a Small Incision in Wrist

Providence Tarzana Medical Center is one of the first in the country and the first in San Fernando Valley to use the Diamondback 360® Coronary Orbital Atherectomy System.

This minimally invasive, FDA-approved, endovascular system allows cardiologists to effectively remove the buildup of cholesterol plaque and calcium deposits in the arteries, a condition that can lead to significant complications. Atherosclerosis has been found in nearly 40 percent of patients undergoing non-surgical treatment for coronary artery disease (CAD) in the United States.

More than 16 million Americans suffer from CAD, making it the most common form of heart disease.[i] CAD causes plaque to build up in the vessels of the heart, narrowing the passageways and reducing the amount of blood flowing to the heart. Over time, this hardened plaque may result in chest pain, shortness of breath or, if left untreated, even heart attack.[ii]Calcified plaque when not removed can cause complications for other treatments such as balloon angioplasty or stent procedures, which are used as a combination approach to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

 “Providence Tarzana is a leader in innovative cardiac care, and selected this new technology based on studies of its safety and effectiveness in treating severely calcified coronary lesions,” said Dale Surowitz, chief executive at Providence Tarzana Medical Center. “Part of Providence’s  strategic outcome of creating healthier communities, is to offer minimally invasive treatments that decrease the risk of heart attack, allowing patients to get back living their active lives.”

Interventional Cardiologist Moinakhtar Lala, M.D., was the first to perform the procedure in the San Fernando Valley in the Providence Tarzana Medical Center Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, when he treated a patient Oct. 5 using the Diamondback 360® CSI technology. Dr. Lala shared the need for this advanced device, explaining, “Many patients are left untreated due to the complexity of their coronary anatomy, co-morbidities, and opting not to have open heart surgery.  This technology allows us to safely and effectively treat these high risk patients.  Additionally, in the first procedure, we used a trans-radial approach, which helps to reduce potential complications, bleeding, and reduces recovery time.”

Providence looks forward to continuing to serve the community with the Providence Tarzana Reimagined project, which includes a new patient wing, enhancements to the current 21-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the existing 33-bed Women’s Pavilion, expanded diagnostic and treatment areas, a redesigned lobby and visitor reception area, new Emergency Department for improved access to critical care and additional parking.

The Providence Tarzana Foundation enables the medical center to keep pace with advances in lifesaving technology while responding to the unique needs of the San Fernando Valley communities. Through the generosity of the community, the Foundation will continue to ensure the medical center remains a place of top quality and compassionate care. To make a donation, contact the Foundation office at 818-757-4384.

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